EU Project

Infinity Media Sp. z o. o. is now conducting a project as part of 8.2 PO IG, aiming to support the implementation of electronic B2B business.

Title of the project:

“Creating and implementing an electronic B2B business solution, facilitating through automation, collaboration between co-operating companies associated in contractor network, focused around Infinity Media Sp. z o.o.”

adblast is an innovative business-to-business solution, based on implementation and integration of different IT systems, for buying and producing campaigns in all Internet channels:

  • DISPLAY – a graphic ad carried out on the Internet websites and thematic sites,
  • SEARCH – an advertisement in Google browser,
  • SOCIAL – an ad carried out on social media, mainly on Facebook,
  • MOBILE – an ad carried out on mobile devices.


adblast is an integrated B2B platform, that allows to carry out all business processes connected to producing online ad campaigns through Infinity Media. In co-operation with subcontractors – in a completely automated way, starting with creating a contract for campaign production, describing the specification of an order, verifying the cost of a campaign (implemented by several subcontractors), presenting an offer, accepting an order, relying the subcontracts between the partners and web users, carrying out the complex campaign, relying the info about effectiveness of actions between the partners, by agreeing about the changes in campaign tools, to distribution of work between the Infinity Media and subcontractors.
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within Operational Programme Innovative Economy

In case of questions, regarding co-financing the Project by European Union, please contact our e-mail