adblast Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) specifies the principles of processing and protecting the personal data of users and Clients of AdBlast available at the following domains: / (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), and presents information on the principles relating to the use of cookies.
The terms written starting with a capital letter which are not separately defined in the Privacy Policy shall have a meaning specified in the Terms and Conditions, describing the principles of using the Website. The Terms and Conditions document and the Privacy Policy document are documents which mutually supplement one another and the provisions contained therein cannot constitute separate regulations. Failure to accept this Privacy Policy shall be equal to the lack of possibility of using the Website.
Infinity Media Sp. z o.o. shall be the Administrator of personal data of users and Clients of the Website. The registration and contact details of the company are available on the Website.

Cookie files

  1. The use of cookie files concerns all Website users.
  2. The Website uses cookies which collect textual information, and are saved and stored on devices which the user uses to browse the Website.
  3. Cookies enable to adjust the Website and Service content to better suit the needs of users. They are used to prepare polls and statistics of Website visits, for personalisation of marketing messages and for ensuring safety and reliability of the Website operation.
  4. Cookies are stored by the server on the user’s computer
  5. Deactivating cookies is possible by changing the browser settings by the Website user. Changes in the cookie files settings may make it difficult or impossible to use some of the Website’s or Services’ features.
  6. Cookies are not used to collect personal data, they don’t change the configuration of the user’s computer, they are not used to install or uninstall any computer software, they don’t interfere with system integration or user data integration.
  7. User cookies are not processed by other websites.
  8. The Data Administrator reserves the right to collect IP addresses of users, which may be helpful in diagnosing technical problems with the server, creating statistical analyses (e.g. determining the regions where the most visits originate). Furthermore, they may be useful in administering and improving the Website and Services.

Collected data

  1. The personal data is collected only in the case of the Clients, i.e. the users who use the Website’s Services.
  2. The scope of the processed data for the purpose of the Website and the Services is as follows: VAT No., company name, name and surname, e-mail address, website URL.
  3. The basis authorising Ad Blast to process personal data of the Clients is the consent of Clients or a statutory authorisation for processing data necessary to properly provide the Services.
  4. The provision of data is voluntary but necessary in order to use the Services.
  5. If the user provides personal data of other people on the Website, they can only do so on condition that the regulations relating to the rights and personal interests of such people are not violated.
  6. The data provided by the Client is used by the Data Administrator in order to prepare and conclude an Agreement on the provision of electronic services which relates to providing Services specified in the Terms and Conditions, as well as to properly provide the Services.
  7. The above provision shall not exclude the possibility of processing personal data, in particular the e-mail address and telephone number, to ensure contact between the Client and the Data Administrator.
  8. For the purpose of proper provision of the Service, the Client grants their consent for sharing their personal data with third parties, including Partners of AdBlast supporting the latter in providing the Service properly.

Data access and modification

  1. The Client shall have the right to access their personal data and to correct it.
  2. The Client shall have the right to submit a justified written request to cease the processing of their data due to the Client’s specific situation.
  3. The Client shall have the right to submit a justified written objection in relation to the processing of their data if the Data Administrator intends to process it for marketing purposes or in the case the Client’s data is shared with a different data administrator.
  4. Only authorised employees, co-workers or partners of the Data Administrator shall have direct access to the data as well as people authorised who are in charge of managing the Website and who were granted with the appropriate rights.
  5. The personal data of Clients may be shared with parties authorised to collect the data pursuant to the applicable laws, in particular the appropriate judicial authorities.
  6. The Data Administrator declares that they process the personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Act and that they apply the technical and organisational measures which ensure protection of the processed data, appropriate to the threats and category of data covered by the protection, in particular that they protect the personal data against sharing it with unauthorised people, its loss or damage.

Additional information

  1. The Website User shall have the right to clarify any doubts in the scope of processing their personal data by the Data Administrator using the contact details specified on the Website.
  2. The Data Administrator reserves the right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy.